Workforce development

​Do you feel your staff are performing okay, but you know they can be better?

We have a wide range of options to help improve performance, outcomes, productivity, engagement and staff loyalty. This can be provided through workshops, seminars or any other form that is required. We also offer one-to-one executive coaching for managers.

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Managing and identifying toxic staff

​Do you know something is wrong in the workplace, but you are not sure what?

Or do you know what the problem is but don't know what to do about it?

​Toxic staff steal, bully others, upset customers, cause high staff turnover and much more. This behaviour needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

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We offer expert services that are affordable to any business. We come into unproductive, inefficient and stressful workplaces and leave them productive, profitable and a place where people want to come to work. There are many things our clients say about us, but the most telling one is that all our clients have said they "wished they had called us earlier". We have four main types of services...

Mystery customer evaluation

​​What do your staff do when you are not around?

We offer various ways to evaluate staff performance.

​Sometimes we discover that your staff love their job and they will go the extra mile for customers and other times we identify areas for improvement.

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​​So many workplace problems can be prevented by recruiting the right staff  in the first place.

​However recruitment can be much harder than people realise.

​Did you know, someone who interviews very well, often does not perform well in the actual job?

​There are other traps such as this that can make recruiting the right person a challenge.

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