Article featured in the Christchurch Press 19-Dec-2016 on serial PGers, click to enlarge. 

Jan 2017 : There is a lot of talk about what a leader is, we argue that an effective leader must have strong problem solving skills, read more>> Featured on

Article featured in the New Zealand Herald about helping staff after the Kaikoura Earthquake.

Second article in Rebuild Christchurch helping staff after the Kaikoura earthquake. 

Free webinar Helping staff post quake part 1

Free webinar Helping staff post quake part 2 

Media Articles

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Very popular Stuff article, on toxic superstars in the workplace. Did you know the person who brings in the most revenue can actually be causing untold harm to your business? Read more>>

Sunday Star Times article 26.02.17, What can you do to protect yourself from employee theft? read more>>

News article Feb 2017 : What is the true cost of employee theft, how can you detect and prevent it? Featured>>