Case study 1
We worked with an employee who spent her entire day at work doing almost nothing. The manager was about to terminate her employment. We discovered she was badly affected by the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes. She was working at the very back of a building where she felt trapped as there were no exits. We moved her from the back of the building to the front by exit, and she became an amazing and productive employee. We saved the company an estimated $15,000 in lost productivity, legal fees, and rehiring costs.

Case study 2
A business was experiening a sudden loss in profits, more staff sick days and staff turnover. They knew there was a serious problem somewhere within the company but they didn't know where.

​After some detective work we discovered there was one employee who seemed to be causing all the trouble. This was the highest performing employee in the company. They brought in more revenue than anyone else. When we suggested this person should be removed from the company the managers were skeptical but they eventually agreeed. Within six months the company's profits doubled! Although this star performer individually performed well, the negative impact he had on the entire team was much greater than the gains he brought to the company.

What we do

Staffing problems are time consuming and stressful.  Your workforce is the life-blood of your business. If managers do not pay close attention to their workforce, the bottom line will fall significantly. Often managers are really good at what they do, eg IT, accounting, building, etc but when it comes to managing people many business owners and managers struggle. We created the Employee Solution Service to help managers with all their staffing needs and challenges.

About Us

The Employee Solution Service has been featured in, The New Zealand Herald, The Sunday Star Times, The Christchurch Press, The Waikato Times, Christchurch Rebuild, Canterbury Today and we've been on Newstalk ZB and Radio Live. We are quickly becoming known as a leading source for expert HR advice. 

In 2015 the company was founded by Michael Hempseed.  Michael is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the leading HR consultants in Christchurch. He is a highly sought after consultant and professional speaker. He has delivered hundreds of inspiring and informative seminars over the last three years, on diverse topics such as overcoming failure, staff development, preventing stress and burnout and understanding mental illness in the workplace. Funny, full of enthusiasm and taking a genuine interest in people are all qualities that make him a captivating speaker and presenter.  In 2012 Michael went on Britain's Got Talent, it did not go well. Instead of letting the experience defeat him, Michael turned his experience into an incredibly powerful and inspiring story. In August 2016 Michael spoke at TEDxDARWIN on overcoming failure, his talk gained widespread acclaim.​