Our most popular seminars:

Keynote: Overcoming failure
Fear of failure stops businesses from growing, increasing profits and discovering innovative new solutions to common problems. This seminar will empower your workforce to gain new ground and outdo the competition.

Business Problem Solving
So often in business we let problems get worse and worse because we don't know how to solve them. This fun and interactive workshop will show you various ways to develop ingenious and innovative ways to solve problems and make your business, more productive, efficient and profitable. It could be how to solve cash flow problems, working with a challenging contractor, or finding an edge over the competition.

Understanding & Managing Mental Illness
The World Health Organisation lists depression as the leading cause of disability in the world. Mental illness is costing your business a lot more than you might think. So often people with mental illness are accused of being lazy or trying to get out of work. In this informative seminar you will discover that there are very real and dramatic changes that occur within the brain when someone develops a mental illness. You will gain a good understanding of common symptoms as well as how to talk to and help someone with a mental illness.

Preventing Stress and Burnout
Stress occurs as a part of normal everyday life, but excessive stress can potentially be harmful to both staff and an organisation. Excessive and prolonged stress can lead to fatigue or burnout – major problems in today’s workforce. The person within an organization most likely to suffer from burnout is the star performer, who finds it hard to say no. Doctors, lawyers, social workers and accountants all have high burnout rates. In most cases burnout is easily prevented, but it requires a commitment from the entire workforce. If burnout remains unaddressed, it can easily cost a business their best people and thousands in lost productivity.  Although burnout is a major problem, it can be prevented relatively easily and with little expense. Discover how to create a healthy workplace by reducing common stressors and finding ways to address potential burnout.

Preventing workplace accidents
Forget boring health and safety seminars that focus on tripping hazards. We offer one of the most entertaining and practical health and safety seminars on the market. Very rarely do workplace accidents just happen, usually there is a chain of events that led up to it, if you can identify the links in the chain early then you can prevent the accident altogether. Our seminars are based on solid research that identify genuine risks.

Other workshops
Something else? We regularily get requests for custom workshops or trainings. We are well connected so even if we can't provide it we can find someone who can.​


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We have presented to everyone from multi-millionaires, CEOs, doctors, lawyers, accountants, IT professionals, teachers, sales and marketing staff and many more.


Here is some of the feedback from our seminars:

  • "Beyond inspiring!"
  • "I could listen to these guys all day"
  • ​"Our staff were expecting another boring health and safety seminar, they didn't want it to end. The team haven't laughed so much in ages"
  • "We've had great speakers before but this was a whole different level. I recommended the team at ESS to everyone I know!"
  • "​I was really hesitant to have a seminar about mental illness, I thought it might upset people or go down very badly. The topic was presented with expert information and left us feeling hopeful. We had several people in our workforce who had suffered with anxiety after the quakes. Now our staff are much more sensitive and understand what they are experiencing."
  • "​Before I heard this seminar I thought I knew about mental health. I realised afterwards that I have been treating some of my friends very badly. "