Often when a business needs a new plumber or accountant they look for a good plumber, or a good accountant.

​There is a serious problem with this methodology.

​They forget about how this person will fit in and interact with a team. An accountant that performed well in one workplace may not perform well in another.

​For example if you place one introvert into a highly extroverted team you may have challenges. 

​When we recruit we look at your entire workforce, their strengths, weaknesses and needs then we find someone that will fit.

Did you know bad staff can interview exceptionally well and good staff can interview poorly? This is something very few people realize and it is one of the reasons so many business's keep hiring poor staff. Have you ever hired someone thinking they would be a real asset, only to find they became a serious problem?

It is an easy mistake to make, most managers are never taught how to hire staff and therefore can make a lot of costly mistakes. We know how important it is to have great staff.

We can take care of the whole process from writing the job advertisement, CV screening, background checks, interviews, workplace tests and more.

​Furthermore, we don't just dump a candidate onto you then leave. We offer ongoing support and regular performance updates. It can be difficult starting a new job, we want to give all our candidates the best possible chance at success.

​Once a candidate has been placed we work closely with the candidate and the employer to maximise the performance outcomes of the employee.