As each situation is unique we cannot provide a standard price. However to give you an idea, below are few examples of charges for past services. 

​If you are a charity or an NGO we reduce our fee by 60%!

​Quick-Fix Service
​We were contacted by a small business that had one employee who was absent from work for 90 days within the space of a year! We worked out this was because of high anxiety. ​It took us just a one hour meeting to resolve the problem and find suitable help for them.

Our fee was $300 +GST and the employer offered to pay for their therapy which was $800!

Medium-Scale Service
An employee had a number of personal challenges and was causing a lot of conflict in the office. Furthermore they were causing the business to lose customers. We estimated this employee cost the business $20,000 over the span of a few months. We helped the managers create a positive work environment which helped resolve the problem.

Our fee to resolve the problem was $1500 +GST! 

More Involved Service
​An employee was bullying other members of staff. Several staff members said the situation was unbearable, causing a toxic and highly stressful workplace. The owners were unaware of the full extent of the problem. After an investigation we found out just how bad the problem was and suggested that they exit this employee. We estimated the employee cost the business at least $140,000. The company is now performing better than it ever has.  
Our fee was $2500+ GST!

This is a rough guide. Some projects are more complex than others. Please contact us for an exact quote.


We aim to be affordable for everyone from the small business to the large corporation. We don't charge in six minute blocks and we don't charge for quick phone calls or emails. 

Our initial consultation is FREE! 

On average our fee is 1 - 4% of the cost saving! We estimate that staffing problems cost small to medium businesses $20,000-$100,000 per year. Employee problems are extraordinarily expensive with lost productivity, high staff turnover, lost customers, lost management time and much more. For larger companies these costs are even much higher.