Managing underperforming, unhappy or toxic employees

  • Do you suspect one of your staff is stealing from you?
  • Is there a toxic culture of bullying or blame?
  • Does something not seem right with their qualification(s)?
  • Did they start off well, but now they are not working out?
  • Does someone seem to be sabotaging the workplace?

​The above staffing situations are some of the most costly and damaging that a business can face. They need to be addressed as soon as possible.

In many cases a manager will know there is a problem but they won't know what it is. We can conduct a workplace investigation to discover exactly what the problem(s) is/are.

Once we have I identified the problem we can help you address it.

If the above poor behaviour is caused by something such as a mental illness then the person needs help and support. It could be a lack of training or personal stress. All this is changeable behaviour and in most cases the person can be turned around.

​If the person naturally has anti-social traits then they need to be removed from the company.

​Furthermore if you have had a toxic employee there is usually a lot of collateral damage. We can help you "mend fences," win back lost customers and work through any other fallout. 

As each situation is unique please contact us to see how we can assist you. All enquiries are confidential. 

Employee Theft

The US Chamber of Commerce estimates 1/3 of bankruptcies are the result of employee theft!

​Some estimates suggest 75% of theft goes undetected.

​We have worked with multiple companies that have experienced theft where there is no sign of the theft in the accounts.

​This does not mean employers are at the mercy of a master criminal, there will always be behavioural warning signs.

​See our article in>>

The person who may steal is not always who people suspect, a very high risk group is middle aged women!

Our staff are experts at detecting behavioural clues that may indicate someone is stealing.