​​​​​​​​​Our goal is to help you get the very best out of your staff, leading to increased overall workplace happiness, productivity and profit. If there is a problem with an employee(s) we will help you resolve the problem using a combination of our practical experience and expert knowledge.

The Employee Solution Service has been featured in www.stuff.co.nz, the New Zealand Herald, The Christchurch Press, Canterbury Today, on Newstalk NZ, Radio Live and many more see our media page>>. We are a highly trusted source of specialist staffing advice throughout New Zealand. 

Whether you want to take your workforce to the next level or whether you are experiencing staffing problems and challenges, we are here to help. Underperforming, disengaged or unhappy staff cost you money, cause unnecessary stress and waste your valuable time!  As stated above our mission is the success of your business through expert staff management and engagement.

We offer high quality services that are affordable for everyone from the small business with just a few staff right to the larger corporation.

Why you should choose us

  •  To date 100% of our clients said the situation was better or significantly better after we became involved.
  • 78% said it was significantly better. 
  • Our prices do not include the owner's Ferrari fund!
  • Every single one of our clients have said they wished they contacted us earlier.
  • We guarantee a successful resolution. We guarantee that the situation will be better than when we started or we will reduce our fee by 75%.​  Not one client has asked for a refund! 

  • Some of our services include...
  • Expert advice to help your workforce become more positive, productive and profitable.
  • ​Prevention & detection of employee theft and other toxic behaviours.
  • ​We can help your staff to outperform the competition.
  • Advice & assistance with a difficult or challenging employee(s).
  • Support and assistance for an employee with a mental illness.
  • Advice and assistance to prevent high staff turnover.
  • Advice and assistance on how to improve staff performance & targets.
  • Workforce capacity assessments and recruitment support.  
  • Our mystery customer evaluation lets you know what is really happening in your company.
  • One-on-one executive coaching sessions for managers to learn how to manage and motivate staff.
  • Workshops for your entire workforce. Topics include: business problem solving, improving performance and productivity, management skills, dealing with difficult customers, understanding mental illness, managing conflict and many others. See our full range of services here>>